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Industrial Robots

Industrial Robots

An industrial robot is an automated source of artificial intelligence that is designed to perform a variety of programmed tasks in manufacturing and production settings.  They are often used to perform duties that are dangerous or unsuitable for human workers.  Horan Automation can customise six axis robots to perform any automated task for the manufacturing industry.  We are experts at designing, building, installing and integrating robotic arms for industry.

Benefits of using traditional industrial robots:

  • Increases production – can run 24 hours a day
  • Improves Quality – robots have consistent accuracy
  • Reduces costs – faster, longer output, short ROI
  • Greater flexibility – Can manipulate the program
  • Safer environment – Humans not interacting with dangerous tasks

We keep up to date with new technology and industry demands.  We supply the much sought after collaborative robots or “cobots”.  These have many advantages including:

  • Safer Environment – they stop on contact with a human
  • Easier to program – an engineer is not necessary
  • Easy to move – can be moved from station to station and re-programmed
  • Uses less space – does not need guarding
  • Reduces absenteeism – can easily do repetitive or dangerous tasks that cause human injury

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