Horan Automation

Specification and Sourcing of ‘Standard Production’ Equipment

For the majority of automation processes there is already available, standard machinery and equipment. Horan Automation & Consulting have the knowledge and expertise to find the most suitable equipment for the job in hand.

Our normal system of operation is to identify a number of potential suppliers (up to 10). Following outline discussions with these suppliers we reduce this list to the 3 most suited to the project. We then investigate these suppliers and their equipment in detail to ascertain the technical details of the machinery and the expertise of the staff. We then present these 3 options to our client with a recommendation of the most suitable one.

Once a supplier is selected we enter into discussions with them to specify the machine exactly, focusing on the components to be used such as the PLC type, the electrical components, and the pneumatic system. This is a very important part of the specification as ideally all equipment in the production line should have the same components. This reduces the cost of training for maintenance staff and spare part being held in stock in the future.

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