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Joining the Schools for Science week

Local Robotics and Automation Company Supports Science Week in National Schools

During the bout of recent bad weather fell National Science week and what better subject to learn about than robotics and automation.  The pupils of both Drangan and Moyglass national schools were treated to an hour long interactive presentation all about how technology works in manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical companies.  They got to see models of robots, watch videos of how our factories use robots to make and package our food and got some free presents along the way.

Above is an excerpt from the Moyglass NS newsletter.  Emma Lacy spent an enjoyable afternoon with 3rd 4th 5th and 6th class educating them on robotics and automation and how it fits into their environments now and in the future.  Emma even pointed out what subjects they need to work hard at to achieve their engineering goals.  Emma comments “I must say this was probably up there as one of the most rewarding things I have had the privilege to do at Horan Automation & Consulting.  To give something back just for no reason but to see how children react to the wonder of technology!  Thoroughly enjoyed it.”  It is always great to see a thriving company giving time to the local community 

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